Visit and click the Add New App menu link.

Facebook developer page

On the pop-up page, click the advance setup link.

Create new Facebook Application

Enter a name for your new app, choose an App Category and click on Create App ID button.

Facebook Application details

Perform the security check and submit

Facebook security check

You will then see a screen with list of Facebook products. Hover your cursor to Facebook Login and click the "Set up" button.

Now you have successfully created a Facebook Application and you should be redirected to the Application page which should look like the one on the image below.

Facebook application dashboard

Currently, your application is in development or sandbox mode.

To get the App Live, click on App Review sidebar menu, slide the switch close to the app name to Yes and finally, click the Confirm button.

Change Facebook application status to live

Go back to the application Settings >> Basic, click the Add Platform button.

Add platform to application

Select Website and enter your website URL in the corresponding form and save.

Facebook appplication website platform

Go to Facebook Login >> Settings

Ensure "Client OAuth Login" and "Web OAuth Login" are enabled. In Valid OAuth redirect URIs, enter Replace "" with your website URL. If your website url contains "www", don't forget to include it in the redirect URI settings like so

Facebook client OAuth settings

Copy and save the App ID and App Secrete to the appropriate fields in ProfilePress Social Login settings page.