ProfilePress passwordless module allows users to log in to your WordPress powered site via a one-time URL sent to their email address which expires by default in 10mins.

ProfilePress powered Login form

How It Works

Immediately users click the submit button of the login form after entering their username in the username form field, they will receive an email containing the one-time login URL or link.

Time limited one-time login email content

Immediately the link is clicked, they will automatically be logged in to your site.

Set Up

Although this feature works in any existing login form in your site, be it WordPress default login or logins powered by ProfilePress; I will advice you create a new login form without the password field obviously because, it won't be necessary.

To set up the passwordless one-time login feature, follow the instructions below.

Click the Extras ProfilePress menu

In One-time Passwordless Login Configuration page section, activate the feature.

Activate one-time passwordless login feature in ProfilePress

If the link is expired, an error message (customizable in ProfilePress settings) will be displayed.

One-time login URL expired

There are also options to customize the following:

  • Disable passwordless login for administrators.
  • Sender name and email address.
  • Mail subject.
  • Mail content.
  • The expiration time in minutes the one-time URL will BE valid.
  • Generated error and success messages.

Note: the notice displayed after the one-time login link has been sent to the user is wrapped in a div using the CSS class for login errors.

<div class="profilepress-login-status">
One-time login URL sent successfully to your email