The WordPress & BuddyPress Extended Profile Sync is a nifty extension that provides a 2-way syncing of WordPress profile fields with BuddyPress extended profile and vice versa.

To get this profile syncing between WordPress and BuddyPress working in your WordPress powered site, ensure you have the extension together with ProfilePress premium installed and activated.

When installed and activated, click the Extras ProfilePress menu link.

At the BuddyPress Extended Profile Sync section, enter your purchase license key to receive plugin updates and check the Activate Addon checkbox to enable the extension.

Activate WordPress & BuddyPress Extended Profile Sync

Upon activation, an Activate Sync checkbox will be added to the ProfilePress admin pages for creating and editing custom profile fields.

Activate WordPress profile field sync with BuddyPress extended profile

When creating a new custom profile field and you check the aforementioned checkbox, a corresponding field type will be created in BuddyPress extended profile (xprofile).

If you are editing an existing profile field and you uncheck the checkbox, the corresponding xprofile field will be deleted. And if you recheck, a corresponding new xprofile field will be recreated.

How the 2-way Syncing Works

When users sign up with a registration form or edit their profile information with an edit profile form with profile fields synced with BuddyPress; on submission of the data entered into the fields, the data automatically get synchronised between them as a result, same information is available when viewed in WordPress & BuddyPress admin profile pages as well as ProfilePress powered front-end profile & edit profile forms and BuddyPress front-end profile view.

Synchronization happens at the follow stages.

  • When user sign up with a ProfilePress powered registration form.

  • When user edit their profile in WordPress backend / dashboard.

  • When users edit their profile in ProfilePress powered front-end edit profile form.

  • When users edit their profile in BuddyPress front-end profile.

For example, say you created a "textarea" custom profile field to collect the addresses of users; when this field is updated in BuddyPress profile edit screen, the data get synced with the corresponding default WordPress profile of the users and vice-versa. See a video demo below.

The following BuddyPress profile field types are supported for syncing with WordPress profile..

  • Textbox / text field
  • Datebox / date field
  • Selectbox / select dropdown
  • Multi Selectbox
  • Checkbox
  • Textarea