Our WooCommerce Integration extension allows you to manage Shipping and Billing fields with ProfilePress, replace the default WooCommerce login form and edit account form displayed on checkout and “My Account” pages respectively with that of ProfilePress to name a few.

To get this feature working on your WordPress powered site, ensure you have the extension installed and activated.

Settings Overview

Click the Extras ProfilePress menu link.

At the WooCommerce Integration section, enter your purchase license key (to receive plugin updates when available) and check the Activate Addon checkbox to enable the extension or make it active.

Below is a screenshot of the extension settings page.

Extension settings page

Let's go over the various settings and their functions.

If you consider the default login form displayed in WooCommerce checkout page not standard and/or pretty enough, you can replace it with a ProfilePress login form of your choice by selecting your preferred option from the select dropdown in Checkout Login Form.

If you prefer to use a Melange form that has a login form as your WooCommerce checkout login, select your preferred choice from the Checkout Login Form (Melange) select dropdown.

WooCommerce checkout login form

When a guest or a user who isn't logged in tries to access the WooCommerce "My Account" page, a login form is usually displayed before they can get access. You can replace this form with a ProfilePress login or melange form via the "My Account" Login and "My Account" Login (Melange) select dropdowns.

And finally, you can replace the form in "My Account" page for editing users/buyers Account Details with a ProfilePress front-end edit profile form.

Account Details of "My Account" page

Billing / Shipping Fields Management

To manage WooCommerce core billing and shipping fields as well as custom ones added by Checkout Field Editor extension with ProfilePress, follow the guide below.

Firstly, you have to import them over to ProfilePress custom fields by clicking the "Import WooCommerce Fields" button.

Import WooCommerce fields

To include the imported billing and shipping fields to your preferred ProfilePress registration or edit profile form, follow this guide.

Manage WooCommerce fields in ProfilePress edit profile form