The MailChimp for WordPress extension automatically subscribe users to a specific email list immediately they complete registering an account via a ProfilePress powered registration form page

To get this feature working on your WordPress powered site, ensure you have the extension installed and activated.

Click the Extras ProfilePress menu link.

At the MailChimp Addon section, enter your MailChimp account API key into the API field and hit the Save Changes button for the plugin to fetch your mailing lists.

Select the list you want users to be subscribed to and save the changes.

Plugin settings page

To give users the option to decide whether to opt in or not to your list, add the shortcode [pp-mailchimp] to your custom registration form.

The shortcode displays a checkbox alongside the label Subscribe to our email list. The label can be changed by entering your desired text into the Checkbox Label text field.

Plugin settings page

Note: If the MailChimp checkbox isn't present in the registration form but the feature is still activated, new users will still be added to the list.

Manual Inclusion

One feature I love (and am pretty sure you will too) about this extension is the fact you can subscribe a list of emails en masse to your list from within the settings page.

Using the user details below as an example:

[email protected], Trisha, Rice
[email protected], Matthew, Stone
[email protected], Geremi, Njitap

Format: emailAddress, firstName, lastName. Note: only one user data per line.

If the data above is pasted into the Manual Inclusion text area and the Subscribe button clicked, the selected email list will automatically be updated.

MailChimp list updated

The process is ajaxified hence no page reload.

WordPress to MailChimp Sync

When activated, it watches for changes in WordPress user list and automatically synchronizes any detected changes with a selected MailChimp list.

When users are registered they are subscribed to your MailChimp list. When a user is deleted, it will unsubscribe the user. When users update their email address, first name and last name, the changes are sync / updated in your MailChimp list.

To activate the synchronization feature, check Activate Email Sync in the extension settings page.

Activate WordPress to MailChimp sync

If you feel there are users that aren’t in your MailChimp list and you will want to add them, clicking the Sync Now button will do the magic.

Instantly sync WordPress users to MailChimp