The Join BuddyPress Groups extension allows users to select or choose the BuddyPress groups they will like to join at the time of registration in WordPress.

Registering users are able to select the group to join in two forms.

Select Dropdown

Select BuddyPress groups to join on registration


Checkbox selection of BuddyPress groups to join on registration

Setup & Implementation

On installation and activation of this extension, go to Extras settings page.

Under Join BuddyPress Groups section, enter your purchase license key and check the "Activate" checkbox.

Extension settings page

Having done all this, add the shortcode [pp-buddypress-groups] to your custom registration form to output a checkbox list of groups.

To output a select dropdown of groups, add a type attribute with a value of select like so:

[pp-buddypress-groups type="select"]

To output checkboxes of groups, add a type attribute with a value of checkbox like so:

[pp-buddypress-groups type="checkbox"]

Note: if no type attribute is specified, it will default to checkbox.

To add a CSS class and ID to the fields, add a css and id attribute like so:

[pp-buddypress-groups type="select" class="css-class" id="css-id"]

[pp-buddypress-groups type="checkbox" class="css-class" id="css-id"]

To limit the number of groups users can select to join via select dropdown, add a limit attribute like so:

[pp-buddypress-groups type="select" limit="3"]