After building a custom registration page and making it WordPress default, ProfilePress provides the following features to enhance the user registration experience.

  • Automagic user login after registration
  • Send users a welcome message after registration

Automagic Login

To automatically log in users immediately they successfully registered an account, follow the steps below.

  • Click the ProfilePress Settings menu.
  • Under Registration Settings, check the Enable auto-login checkbox

Registration Settings

Welcome Message

Still on the Registration Settings, check the Enable welcome message check box to activate the welcome message module and configure the welcome message at Welcome Message Settings

Registration Settings

You can also use the following placeholders in the message.

  • {{username}} - Username of the registered user.
  • {{password}} - Password of the registered user.
  • {{site_title}} - Site title as defined in General Settings
  • {{first_name}} - First Name entered by user on registration.
  • {{last_name}} - Last Name entered by user on registration.

Note: The purpose of the content-Type field is to describe the data contained in the message body (could be HTML or plain text) so that the email client can accurately parse the content.