After building a WordPress custom front-end user profile, inserted the generated shortcode into a published page, we still need to inform ProfilePress about the page that contains the profile shortcode so it knows what page to use in rendering the front-end profile.

If this isn't done, users profile won't be accessible via the url where is your website username and username is a user's username.

See the succinct guide below on how to get it done.

  • Click the Settings menu item.

  • Under Front-end Profile Settings section, select the page with the profile shortcode in Page with User Profile Shortcode and save.

  • To change the profile slug from "profile" to say "user", enter it to the Profile Slug text field.

Front-end Profile Settings

Finally, flush the rewrite rule by navigating to Settings > Permalinks and clicking the Save Changes button.

When the profile url ( is visited, ProfilePress will used the page that was set above to render the profile page.

To redirect WordPress author page of users to their front-end profile, tick the Convert Authors to Profile checkbox.