Let's see how ProfilePress can turn the password-reset form below into a working WordPress form for resetting users passwords.

See the Pen Memories Password Reset Form by Agbonghama Collins (@collizo4sky) on CodePen.

Click the Password Reset menu.

Click the Add New button.

Enter a name for the password-reset form in Template Name field.

The HTML and CSS code for the password-reset form will go into the Password Reset Design and CSS Stylesheet textareas respectively.

Memories password reset form

CSS for Memories password reset form

Note: Error messages generated by password reset forms powered by ProfilePress are wrapped in a div with class <div class="profilepress-reg-status"> thus the .profilepress-reg-status CSS class in the stylesheet.

Click the Preview Design button to see how the form will look.

Memories registration form

In order for ProfilePress to make this a functional password reset form, the form components which in this case are the username / email text field and the submit button will have to be replaced by their ProfilePress shortcode equivalents

Below is the final revision of the Login form code.

<div id="sc-password">
  <h1>Reset Password</h1>
  <div class="sc-container">
    [user-login title="Username or Email" placeholder="Username or Email"]
    [reset-submit value="Get New Password"]

Replace the HTML form code earlier entered into the Password Reset Design textarea with the revised code above.

Every password reset comes with a handler form which handles the actual changing of password. That is, when user click the link emailed to them, a form is displayed where they are required to enter their new password.

You can customize the look of this form at the Password Reset Handler Form section.

Enter the notification text that will be displayed (after the reset request has been received for processing by WordPress internals) into the Message on successful password reset field.

Message on successful registration

To make the password reset form available as a WordPress widget, tick the Make this a Widget check box.

Creating WordPress login Widget

Save and then click the Back to Catalog button.

Copy its shortcode, paste it to a WordPress page and publish.

Registration form catalog

Preview the page and you will see the registration form in action.

A live demo of this password reset form is available here.